Doctors recommend breast examinations and testing after a certain age and for women that have a history of breast cancer, family history of the disease or a gene mutation. This strategy is recommended as annual testing and if testing shows possible problems more testing may be ordered by the physician or more often than once a year.

Doctors Opinions of Specific Tests

Some doctors include in breast examination testing thermography as a part of the regular routine, since this is a unique type of test that produces an infrared digital image that produces a map of the breast. This map shows areas that produce more heat than other areas that can be the result of possible abnormities or tumors.

Then some physicians feel thermography is a perfect addition to the other tests that are commonly used like mammograms, MRI’s and ultrasounds as each can show a different image of the breast. This allows physicians to find any abnormalities or tumors in the early stages. These medical professionals comment that thermography shows the physiological changes detecting premalignant and malignant breast tissue. While this type of testing is not a replacement for the more commonly used tests it is a valuable addition.

Information about Thermography in Articles and Newsletters

Doctors have published information about thermography in articles and newsletters after researching the testing and finding it an impressive addition. In these publications, they feel it is an additional test that can detect potential problems in the very early stages. It is also as a test that doctors feel they can recommend for patients that refuse mammograms because of the radiation, if they are pregnant or if the patient is nursing. Some patients refuse mammograms because they can be uncomfortable. Thermography is a test that is safe since it isn’t based on using radiation and the patient’s body does not touch the machine. In addition, the computerized technology that produces a digital image can be part of a comprehensive examination.

The use of thermography imaging some physicians believe can be a lifesaving test due to the early detection of possible issues and allow the patient to have early treatment, especially when combined with a mammogram. The use of both tools for testing can provide nearly a 95 percent diagnosis, though neither can determine if the tumor or mass is benign or malignant.

Physician Thermography Research

One physician conducted a review involving 30 years of thermography studies in total more than 800 studies. What was found is over 800 peer reviewed studies using thermography with over 300,000 women with some followed for 12 years. The studies showed breast thermography has a 90 % average of specificity and sensitivity with 10 times more significant results.

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