Women after having thermography imaging as a part of a regular schedule breast examination or because a mammogram or clinical examination raised questions they relate their experiences.

Female Reviews of Thermography

Woman #1

One woman who had thermography testing for breast cancer said she decided to have it done because she had a friend who died from breast cancer. The woman had no family history of breast cancer and opted for the infrared digital imaging test. This woman was impressed that it was not an invasive test like a mammogram and done without radiation. The thermography testing showed an abnormality and the woman was recommended to have a mammogram. The woman said she had the mammogram and an MRI that both showed nothing. Then had an ultrasound that showed the mass the thermography showed. She had an excisional biopsy of the abnormal pre-cancerous tissue and says without the thermography she may not have been diagnosed until she needed a more radical treatment and possible mastectomy.

Woman #2

This woman said she had a scare after finding a lump and is high risk, since her mother died at 45 from breast cancer and grandmother had breast cancer. After thermography imaging, she had the results the same day.

Woman #3

This woman has annual thermography imaging testing annually, after losing her 32-year-old daughter to breast cancer in 1999. She follows up the thermography imaging with an ultrasound and does not understand why every physician does not add the infrared imaging to the commonly used tests for breast cancer annual examinations.

Breast Cancer Cases

This woman had a high risk of breast cancer and some clinical findings. She did not feel mammograms were significant enough and had thermography testing. She said it was non-invasive and she felt well informed. She had been rated a TH3, which is strongly questionable on the right breast and TH1 of the left breast which is normal. A follow-up thermogram six months later remained questionable results, she then within one year lowered the results of the thermogram testing. She changed her diet to vegetarian, took supplements to help hormonal balance and decreased her estrogen dosage. The test one year later showed both breasts at TH1 (normal).

Breast Cancer Cure Rate

The cure rate of early stage breast cancer is 96 % and with thermography testing, it is possible to have them done several months apart since there is no radiation factor. Lowering risk factors such as modified diets, lowering of estrogen and other lifestyle changes can avoid more drastic measures. Thermography imaging has a 10 % missed finding result rate and can be done prior to mammograms or ultrasounds or before going to more invasive testing.